In advance of the launch of our new company's website, and, as you can see, in advance of our even having a logo, welcome to the SocialGrow™ company blog!

SocialGrow™ helps individuals and organizations around the world realize the benefits of social networks.

SocialGrow’s flagship product, the SocialGrow™ Web and Mobile Phone Software Application, enables people of all technical levels to quickly and easily grow their professional and/or personal online social networks. The SocialGrow™ Web and Mobile Phone Software Application also enables both small and large social networks around the world to rapidly grow their memberships.

SocialGrow's Consulting division, SocialGrow™ Consulting, researches, analyzes, and makes recommendations on social networking strategies.

SocialGrow's Professional Services division, SocialGrow™ Professional Services, manages social networks.

SocialGrow's vision is to realize the human side of what our technology enables -- new connections between people that might not have otherwise happened. Finding a new job after a year of unemployment. Finding the love of your life after a break-up that left you thinking you'd never meet anyone. Finding a huge customer when you didn't know whether your business would survive. Each new connection truly has the potential to be life-changing. Our application enables growth, not just the number of people one has in their multiple online networks, but the value received from the richness of having a large, diverse network.

SocialGrow™ was founded in 2009 by industry veterans Marsh Sutherland, Ken Herron, and Charbel Elkhoury.

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