SocialGrow was one of five high-potential software start-ups selected to participate in Microsoft BizSpark's Incubation Week for Windows 7 October 5-9, 2009 at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Waltham, MA.

We, SocialGrow's three co-founders, wanted to share with you our perspectives on an exciting and productive week.

Ken's take (Ken is SocialGrow's CMO):
"As a new company, you of course want as many potential users of your product to know about, and get excited about it. From the marketing perspective, participating was a great way for us to share with people who use online social networks that our new software automating the process of adding new connections to their networks is under development. Our participation allowed us to tap into the exciting new features of Windows 7, while reminding people who use Macs, Linux, and older versions of Windows that SocialGrow will work for them, too, just as it will on their iPhones, BlackBerries, Android phones, and other mobile phones which can access the internet. In short, our participation in Incubation Week was not only a great opportunity for our company to make our new product even better by leveraging Windows 7's key features, but an opportunity to further share our story with people who otherwise might not have heard about us."

Charbel's take (Charbel is SocialGrow's CTO):
"The Windows 7 development training at Microsoft was an incredible learning experience. We spent time on Windows 7's key features, including: federated search, jump lists, accelerators, multi-touch support, and taskbar management as well as developing with SilverLight. SocialGrow users running WIndows 7 will be able to send an invitation to connect with someone simply by highlighting their e-mail address. Having the opportunity to work side-by-side with the very same software architects and developers who support Microsoft's biggest enterprise customers enabled us to achieve unthinkable results in just a few days' (and nights'!) time."

Marsh's take (Marsh is SocialGrow's President):
"My expectation going into Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Week for Windows 7 was that we would have a few hours on the first day with a Microsoft advisor to help us architect the SocialGrow software to take advantage of Windows 7's new features, who would then check in on our progress over the remainder of the week. I had no idea that our "advisor" would be one of Microsoft's premier enterprise software architects, Rich Crane. Not only did Rich code our product alongside Charbel until one in the morning two nights in a row, but he also brought in two additional Microsoft software architects to do the same! Add in the Proteans offshore development team who coded around the clock, and it was an amazing team effort. I want to thank Rich and the MTC's incredibly generous architects, developers, staff, and of course Microsoft itself for giving SocialGrow such an incredible jump start with our application development effort. And yes, my inner geek loved Silverlight's cool-front end, just wait till you see it!"

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